6 Common Mistakes Beginner Sellers Make On Ebay.

Two months ago the trunk of my car turned into an Ebay Store. It’s one of the only consistent ways I can earn money on the road. Selling on Ebay can be rewarding but time consuming. On average I spend a total of two hours traveling to and shopping at thrift stores and an additional hour taking photos, measuring, weighing, and posting my listings. So when I first started out and made these mistakes it really hurt to think about all the time and money I had just wasted.

Mistake 1.  Overestimating an item’s worth

What you think something is worth does not always equate to what someone else is realistically going to pay for those items. This goes double when you’re reselling your own items. Before you pay $4.00 at Savers for a pair of jeans because you would pay double that amount read on for mistake number 2.

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