A Guide to South-east Asia: Part Three – Common Health Concerns & Advice

A Guide to South-east Asia: Part Three! In which I attempt to answer general health questions and provide advice based on my personal experiences.

Sun Safety

Sun Safety is not to be downplayed. “Melanoma is the least common but the most deadly skin cancer, accounting for only about 1% of all cases, but the vast majority of skin cancer death.” (https://www.aimatmelanoma.org/about-melanoma/melanoma-stats-facts-and-figures/)

Put on sunscreen, wear a hat, and be especially cautious if you’re on antibiotics or anti-malaria medication. And as I’ll cover in part four always check for skin lightening agents in your sunscreen lotion. Keep hydrated and keep a bottle of water on hand whenever possible. If you become dizzy, disoriented, or otherwise symptomatic of heat stroke get out of the sun asap. That’s about it folks.

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Update 6/1/2018

As per usual I’ve been having a super hard time finding time to write, I can’t wait to return to Asheville which has been my personal creative mecca. I had to cease my former journey across the U.S. after having a massive several day anxiety attack in Texas. Apparently suddenly stopping Chantix while drinking a lot is a horrible idea. Then again, are there any bright ideas that happen at Rainbow Gatherings nowadays? I at least fulfilled my goal of being the ultimate asshole and loudly stating that the Grateful Dead suck in the middle of a gathering. Spoiler alert: Deadheads don’t like that. As of now I’m in Massachusetts. I returned to my home base to take care of my cat and save up for a campervan.

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