3 Ways to Earn Money Online

Here are three straightforward ways to earn money online. The methods listed below are accessible to any person with a laptop, tablet, or computer, and access to the internet. You can do these in your spare time and I’ve often utilized these while I’m traveling. The great thing about these sites is that they can be done at any time and anywhere. You can complete tasks on long bus rides, in cafe’s, or in your general spare time.

1. Human Intelligence Tasks (HITS)

Human Intelligence Tasks are generally quick jobs that may have you performing a variety of tasks including copying, auditing, surveys, and an abundance of others. It may take a while to find your niche and what kinds of tasks are more enjoyable and profitable for you. Amazon’s website www.mturk.com is one of the more popular and direct sites. Completing HITs will likely not earn you a living wage in the U.S. but if you’re earning USD in some countries Mturk can take you a lot further. Unlike many survey sites that take you through long pre-qualifying questionnaires HITS on Amazon tend to let you know pretty quickly if you don’t qualify.

2. Transcribe and Caption

Two sites that you can use to transcribe or caption are Rev and Speechpad. Both can be tough to get into but if you manage to get approved you can earn money transcribing or captioning. Speechpad HITs can be found at the above mentioned Mturk as well but it is more profitable to work directly through their website. Rev has translation opportunities in addition to transcription and users typically report that it pays more than Speechpad.  Similar to completing HITS these sites are great for beer money. Not so great to pay rent with.

3. Freelance

Upwork is one website that connects freelancers with a wide range of opportunities and easy way to get started. You set the price you want to be paid. It is advisable to start off low but once you have some references under you belt you can make upwards of 12.00/hr for tasks such as data entry. Additionally Upwork is an excellent platform for specialized fields such as web design or accounting. There are times when Upwork may deny new registrants when there are too many people applying to do the same types of tasks. Overcome this by listing different skills.

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