8 Great Free Apps for Travelers

8 Great Free Apps for Travelers

1.  Skyscanner.net

If you thought google flights was the cheapest comparison tool for flights you’d be wrong. Similar to other sites Skyscanner allows you to compare multiple airlines and dates.  As always remember to check baggage fees and if you’re booking in advance you might need to log on to the airline’s sight a couple of days in before your flight date to reserve your seats.

2. Rome2Rio

Not sure what your transportation options are? Rome2rio has you covered. What I love about this app is how extensive it is. It shows you every option you can imagine complete with estimated pricing. I was able to skirt around a $85 bus from Sacremento, CA to Eureka, CA by hopping on the Amtrak for one stop and taking advantage of their bus transfer service. In the end I paid $9 for one stop on a train and $33 for the bus. Though great for the frugal the double checking departure times and costs directly through the transportation company site is a MUST. On a similar trip I ended up waiting 4 hours for a transfer and finding out that the last leg of my trip would be impossible because it had listed a local bus that ended at 11pm and I had arrived 15 minutes too late to catch it. The $45 I saved at the time quickly ended up being not worth it.

3. Booking.com

Exactly what it sounds like. Booking.com makes it easy to find accommodations on a budget. It’s great for solo travelers looking for a more social place to stay. Getting to those attractions you wanted to visit gets a lot easier once you’ve found a couple of other people at your hostel that are interested.


4. AirBnB

Can’t find any cheap hotels or hostels in the area. Try Air BnB and support some local homeowners.

5.  Maps.me

No data. No problem. Maps.me allows you to connect to wifi to download a map of your current area. You can download a region in advance but be wary as you have to connect to wifi once you arrive to update your location. In addition to being a great navigational tool it also allows users to pinpoint locations & attractions. I never would have found a 30 foot statue of Fred Flinstone in Pai, Thailand without it.

6. Couchsurfing Meet Up

Not everyone is going to be comfortable sleeping in a stranger’s home but did you know that in addition to travelers searching for a place to crash that  www.couchsurfing.com’s app also has a meet up function. It’s been a lifesaver to bored travelers looking for someone else to explore with. You can also find local meet up events in most major cities.

7. Geocache

This app connects you to a map of Geocaches. If you’ve ever wanted to go treasure hunting this is your chance. Although you have to pay more for premium searches on the most popular version there are other sites with no fee. What an awesome way to explore.

8. Pokemon Go

Okay, I know what you might be thinking but one of the most important facets of Pokemon Go’s gameplay is to swipe “Pokestops”. Not all Pokestops are exciting locations but many of them highlight locations of well known local art. In addition to publicly sanctioned pieces Pokemon Go has also led me to numerous works of guerilla art.

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