A Shameful Epiphany

I was driving up the 7 last week listening to the Twilight soundtrack the other day. Yes, I own a Twilight soundtrack. I was broke and homeless in Eugene and the used cd store, Skip’s Records, was selling them for than the new retail value at Target (thanks a lot hipsters). After searching around several St. Vinnie’s and Good Wills I was coming up short. By the way every thrift shop has a copy of Seal and Celine Dionne. Every. Single. One of them. Kind of makes you think about how movies influence the music industry and vice versa. Anyways, I found the Twilight soundtrack and “Blue Eyes on Fire” reminds me of good times with a partner of mine so I purchased it for $1 at Good Will. Oh and it has Muse on it. They’re alright when not associated with vampire movies.

Back to my drive. So I’m driving through these mountains listening to the soundtrack. I get the most wonderful feeling when I’m driving solo with nothing but the trees, the steep curves of the road, and the music playing on my stereo. It can’t be described as anything less than euphoric. But then this song comes on.

You know that feeling when a song sums up your feelings in a way that you can’t? It’s that aha moment. Well I had that. Funny cause I didn’t like this song at first and now it’s my favorite song on the cd. But that wasn’t my epiphany.

My epiphany was that I was driving alone through fucking WASHINGTON listening to goddamn Twilight. Just to be clear Forks is four hours northwest of me. But there are many similarities between the Olympic range and the national forests surrounding Mt. Rainier. Hence the scenery is almost exactly the same as the movie while I’m having the dorkiest of all realizations. By the way Forks has a population of 3,532 according to the last census in 2010. That’s more than ten times the population of Ashford where I currently reside.
It’s amazing what happens when you stop letting your daily routine guide you and start taking it back for yourself. I never would have thought two years ago that I’d be living in Washington. And I damn never thought I’d be driving a truck. Well SUV, I actually hate large vehicles from an environmental standpoint but my shitbox is also my home/bed so I’ve deemed it okay. Check out my little shitbox. I named her Lucy.




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