An Update

Its September 2nd and I’ve got a half an hour before I head into work. Why am I working? I’m supposed to be traveling? About a month ago I decided to buy a truck so I wouldn’t have to decide between hitching alone or spending a ton on buses every month. I wanted a place to be able to rest my head and feel a little safer at night. So I got Lucy. Lucy’s alright, she gets me where I’m going. For now. You see I sold my car, my last tie to my old life in Massachusetts to my mom when her transmission started to go last month. After purchasing Lucy, a 1996 Nissan Pathfinder for $1300 I found out that she needed new tire. New tire rods meant I needed an alignment. And oh what do you know she needed all new tires. Instantly I was out an additional $500 and there’s still a couple of things that I chose not to take care of. Soon after I developed a severe dental infection and I was off to Portland to get the care I needed. I went from three grand to about $200 in the course of two weeks. Did I mention that Lucy’s probably going to die? Oh yeah, her engine’s going and she’s going to die in the next couple months if not tomorrow. I was pretty heartbroken. I had plans for Lucy. I wanted to drive her across the country and back in October. I still might take her on a suicide mission but that’s all in the future.

Anyways, at that point I didn’t even have enough to afford gas money, insurance, and all those other expenses you get to deal with when you have a vehicle. So yeah, I needed some cash. In Eugene, Oregon I was able to get craigslist job after craigslist job. I shoveled dirt, cleaned up after construction crews, and bought pantyhose and underwear for a crossdresser who was too nervous to go into the store and make purchases for himself. He liked my style. The craigslist game takes a lot of energy. It’s a competitive market. You have to check and post several times a day and I soon tired of having to spend so much of my day on a website. I decided to suck it up and get a job. But I wasn’t about to settle down somewhere and get just any job. No, I was going to make this a damn adventure.

So a month later here I am. I’ve been working at Mt. Rainier for three weeks. Those who have lived with me know that I’ve talked nonstop about visiting an active volcano. What better way to visit one than live at it? There are so many ups and downs about working at a national park. I’ll share some of those highlights later. My contract is over in October. There have been days where my wanderlust has been so strong that all I’ve contemplated quitting back and forth. Ultimately I decided to listen to my brain and stick it out. My heart’s been in charge the past couple of months so I let it have a turn. I’m glad I did. Things are looking up for me. I’m making new friends and getting to explore Washington. I look forward to visiting Seattle, the Olympic range, and hopefully Vancouver. The leaves are starting to change here and the autumn colors remind me of Massachusetts. Visiting “home” is still an option but one that I will re-examine. Later.



Proof that I am not a robot.
Proof that I am not a robot.

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