Bangkok – Monkey Nap

The Monkey Nap was the first hostel I ever stayed in. Not just in Asia but in the entire world. The catchy name and pictures of smooth crisp linens reeled me in. I arrived completely unprepared and without a reservation at 1 in the morning. The desk attendant was a bit new and confused as to whether there was an available bed or not. It took about a half an hour to sort it out and ultimately she found an available space in the 6 bed girls only dorm room. I was very grateful to have a place to sleep but a little unnerved that the attendant didn’t know if there was space or not. The beds were just as comfortable as they had looked in the pictures and each one had a roll down curtain for privacy which I now consider a bit of a luxury feature in Southeast Asian hostels. Additionally there is an outlet and a light in every sleeping space. Lockers were provided and there was adequate space for personal items. The bathroom and shower stalls were kept clean and tidy during my stay. I never saw any sign of bed bugs, pests, or the cockroaches that plague Bangkok in the week that I stayed there.

I paid a reasonable 250 baht a night directly through the hostel. Breakfast is included in the price but wasn’t much. Just a simple serving of white bread with an assortment of jams and butter. Instant coffee and tea was always available in a cabinet underneath the counter and the hostel sells beer and snacks at a reasonable price. I am not the biggest fan of toast but there is a plethora of street food on Sukumvhit Road. The street food in that area goes quickly so it’s usually fresh. Sukumvhit is a major road so there are plenty of variety stores nearby and a songthaew mini-mart sets up right around the corner from the Monkey Nap. I went there often. The location is great for accessing the BTS and in walking distance of many restaurants and attractions. I remember being confused one afternoon when I thought I spotted the head of a giant dinosaur. Spoiler Alert: I did.

Besides the awesome location what really hooked me was the atmosphere. Ms. Ping does a fantastic job at running her hostel and is often on site. If you’re well behaved she may let you hangout on the roof upstairs. Not only did I get to know other travelers but Ms. Ping would often come out and relax for a bit with us and always willing to point newbies in the right direction. One night she even came out with a couple of us for dinner.

There are two communal spaces. The outside space has a couple of tables and chairs and the set up makes it really easy to meet others. There are smaller tables if you’re not in the mood to be social. The inside eating/sitting area is quieter and has a bit more of a low key ambiance. It’s the perfect place to get caught up on work. Which also means there’s less people working and making noise in the dorm rooms. If you want to hear more about my experiences at the Monkey Nap hostel you can start here.

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