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Update 6/1/2018

As per usual I’ve been having a super hard time finding time to write, I can’t wait to return to Asheville which has been my personal creative mecca. I had to cease my former journey across the U.S. after having a massive several day anxiety attack in Texas. Apparently suddenly stopping Chantix while drinking a lot is a horrible idea. Then again, are there any bright ideas that happen at Rainbow Gatherings nowadays? I at least fulfilled my goal of being the ultimate asshole and loudly stating that the Grateful Dead suck in the middle of a gathering. Spoiler alert: Deadheads don’t like that. As of now I’m in Massachusetts. I returned to my home base to take care of my cat and save up for a campervan.

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6 Common Mistakes Beginner Sellers Make On Ebay.

Two months ago the trunk of my car turned into an Ebay Store. It’s one of the only consistent ways I can earn money on the road. Selling on Ebay can be rewarding but time consuming. On average I spend a total of two hours traveling to and shopping at thrift stores and an additional hour taking photos, measuring, weighing, and posting my listings. So when I first started out and made these mistakes it really hurt to think about all the time and money I had just wasted.

Mistake 1.  Overestimating an item’s worth

What you think something is worth does not always equate to what someone else is realistically going to pay for those items. This goes double when you’re reselling your own items. Before you pay $4.00 at Savers for a pair of jeans because you would pay double that amount read on for mistake number 2.

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Why you shouldn’t move to Asheville, North Carolina

The locals don’t want you there. Really.  Asheville, NC is one of the many cities on the rise.  And though it’s mostly managed to keep it’s odd hippie vibe strong the hipsters are coming. Oh wait, they’re already there.

Asheville has been attracting visitors for decades. Known for its sprawling music scene where local and traveling musicians come to perform at The Grey Eagle or Asheville Music Hall. If you’re looking for a show you can watch a burlesque performance on most weekends at The Crow & Quill or hit up an alternative night at the Odditorium.  

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6 Things to do in the New Orleans Garden District

6 Things to do in the New Orleans Garden District

The good news about the Garden District is that there are way less people starting fights and falling over drunk. The bad news is if you were wondering where all the hipsters were. They’re here.  Don’t worry you can walk around them while checking out these six must do’s.

1. Lafayette Cemetery No. 1

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 is one of the only cemeteries that is free and open to the public year round (barring Mardi-Gras). For those who would prefer a tour there is no need to book in advance. Gabrielle Richard is one of the many city approved tour guides who can be found at the gate offering free tours with a tipping option. In just thirty minutes she can educate you on a range of subjects including burial methods, religious traditions, and pop culture references.

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How To Travel When You’re Broke With Work Exchange

Traveling is only expensive when you make it. If you want to travel and you’re willing to forgo a little luxury and put it in a bit of work then the world really can be your playground, after airfare of course. Work exchange is exactly what it sounds like, a bit of work in exchange for room/board and the opportunity to explore somewhere new. Here are three reputable websites that can help get you started on your next adventure.

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