Easter Sunday. Early Afternoon. 3/27/15

I’m currently avoiding going to the bathroom because going to the bathroom for me right now means burying my shit. Luckily the dude who’s property we’re currently parked on is letting me use the bathroom during the day. I’ve been with the Vagabus for about two days now. There’s 11 of us now. According to River if we hit 12 we’re a cult. We think there’s 11 now at least. None of us have bothered to verify that.

I spent the last 2 weeks visiting Alpha Farm, an intentional community in Deadwood, Oregon. On Thursday morning it was time for me to move on. I was dropped off in Eugene, OR and this would be the first time I would be in a city since arriving on the West Coast.

My first stop was the local Greyhoud station where I received a rude awakening. One of the connecting buses I needed to get on to go South only came once a day and it was already too late to catch it. I originally set out to —Oh god little girl on the bus. Oh hi, you’re cute, how old are you, blah blah….. bus. I guess before I write about anything I should write about how I ended up on this bus. Caravan rather. We’re currently at three buses, a van, and a couple cars. I actually don’t know. Oh and six dogs. And they’re all adorable.

Anyways, I originally set out to work for room and board throughout the West Coast so that I could travel on an extremely low budget and last longer here. Not like there was much of a choice. I spent several weeks preparing and working my ass off. Then a last minute emergency dental situation for my cat and an uninsured root canal for myself ate more than half of that money I had saved up.

So last week I was reaching out to hostels and farms that I had talked to through HelpX. [I’ll explain that later.] I was checking out this facebook group when I came across this post that Vagabus, a volunteer group largely comprised of vagabonders and former hitchhikers was looking for members. I reached out and asked to join them and the response was an immediate yes. They picked me up at the Arcata bus station late Friday night and I’m slowly getting to know everybody. I was surprised yesterday when I realized that besides the two couples, no one knew each other before.

Anyways, I don’t feel like writing anymore. We’re currently arguing about whether I have Smog Sickness or the Humbolt Hack and Petra keeps leaning on my afsdcKEYBOARD which is why my writing is so scrambled right now. I just decided to finally post something. I wrote other things but they’re not finished and there’s so much going that it’s hard to get the energy to write. So yeah. Later.

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