Five Surprising Items That Can Get You Into Trouble Abroad

I was researching the availability of vape juice in Thailand when I came across a number of articles stating that not only would I not be able to find any there but that it was illegal to bring mine with me.

1.  Electronic Cigarettes and Vapes

Where: Thailand, India, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Lebanon, Jordan, Oman, Turkey, Thailand, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Tajikistan, Brunei, Belgium, Austria, Argentina, Brasil, Venezuela, Colombia, Uruguay, Mexico, Panama



Always Google before you pack a vape. India and the Phillipines have some of the harshest laws against vape use and electronic cigarette contraband. It’s worth mentioning that vaping or smoking tobacco in public can get you in trouble in many places around the globe.

Photocred: Instagram: Mendesisabellaa

2. Chewing Gum

Where: Singapore

The streets of Singapore are some of the cleanest in the world thanks to it’s strict policies. Apparently corporal punishment works.

3. Vibrators & Sex Toys

Where: Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Maldives

Dildos & other sex toys are on the list of prohibited items in several countries. If restricted sex toys are found in your luggage your items will be confiscated and you may receive a fine.

4. Fashion Magazines

Where: United Arab Emirates, Saudia Arabia

Though Fashion magazines may be produced in these countries flip through them and you may notice some differences. Possession of an uncensored magazine is against the law. Be thorough if you’re visiting a country ruled by Islamic or Sharia Law. The lists of banned items are quite lengthy.

5. Dice & Playing Cards

Where: Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Myanmar

Playing cards themselves may not be banned gambling is. “If we see the police we hide our cards,” a Canadian expat said as we discussed local culture during lunch in Surat Thani, Thailand. The crackdown on gambling is strict in Thailand. Locals often hide innocent games as well as to not be suspect.


Title Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Mali Meder

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