Fuck Trump

And Fuck the National Park Service Too

If I hadn’t have had to take a shit so badly yesterday I wouldn’t have taken the exit. If I had left my friend’s house in DC 10 minutes later it would have been too late. And if I hadn’t have went to check in to the region on facebook I never would have seen that Shenandoah Valley Scenic Overlook Point on Google Maps. According to google the road was “closed”. But how closed was it really?

In my experience “closed” means that the Park Service is not yet at the gate to collect your money. If I was right I could probably drive right through the gate. I was on my way to Alabama and I had factored in a couple of hours for random stops and rest breaks. There was plenty of time to spare so I thought why not and drove the 5.8 miles to check it out.

When I arrived at Skyline Road it was around 7:50 AM, which meant that the Park Service probably opened at 8:00 AM and I had 10 minutes to go the three miles up to the outlook and back down. I debated with myself for a second about the risk. I knew I was cutting it close and could get caught and fined. But then I thought about Trump. About the Federal land it is rumored he is trying to sell from right under our noses and the general threat his administration poses to our National Parks. And then I thought about the proposed National Park Service Fee increase that will affect at least 17 National Parks. Shenandoah National Park is on the list of parks that will be significantly less affordable for lower income families and persons like myself to visit. Which is why in a small act of rebellion I said Fuck Trump & Fuck the National Park Service too and drove up the mountain.

Editor’s note: As I was writing this I found out that the hours of operation start at 9:30AM. If only I had googled I could have explored more.

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