How to save money on flights with skyscanner

I used to think Google Flights was the end all be all of flight comparison websites. And then I tried using Skyscanner. I’ve been hooked ever since. Here is how you can save some serious cash on your next plane flight.

Compare By Month

The compare by month feature isn’t anything groundbreaking.  But I’ve found it to be $100 to $300 lower on average compared to Google Flights. Try your own search and see what you come up with. Just click on the compare by month in the top left corner.

Best Time To Book

Skyscanner recently analyzed its flight data and the results may not be what you’ve heard in the past. According to the data, the best time to book for domestic flights is 30 days in advance. The best time to book an international flight is about four months beforehand. Additionally, they discovered that the best time to purchase domestic tickets is in August and September for international flights. As for the best time of day. It’s not Tuesday! 

Check the nearby airports button

Go one step further and check nearby airports . Not everyone wants to go out of their way but sometimes a $15 one hour bus ride can save you hundreds of dollars.

 Sort by preferences

Have a particular airline you prefer? Or is there one you are avoiding?  It’s easy to sort preferences such as airline, amount of stops, and departure times.

 Check Layovers

The comparison tool makes it incredibly simple to check for layovers. In this comparison, it’s plain to see that a layover is unavoidable from Boston to Bangkok. 

The first flight is the cheapest one, it has multiple stops and will take a total of 29 hours. For roughly $200 more the third option will take 21 hours. Most importantly, the second flight doesn’t just have a layover, you have to completely change airports. This is a crucial detail that some airlines try to bury. But Skyscanner immediately informs you and saves you the headache.

Set up a Trip Alert

Not quite ready to book? Set up a trip alert . It will inform you when prices drop or begin to gradually increase.

Flight Deals

Lastly if you’re not sure where to go, check out weekly and last minute flight deals for some inspiration. There’s a range of domestic and international bargains to choose from.

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