Update 6/1/2018

As per usual I’ve been having a super hard time finding time to write, I can’t wait to return to Asheville which has been my personal creative mecca. I had to cease my former journey across the U.S. after having a massive several day anxiety attack in Texas. Apparently suddenly stopping Chantix while drinking a lot is a horrible idea. Then again, are there any bright ideas that happen at Rainbow Gatherings nowadays? I at least fulfilled my goal of being the ultimate asshole and loudly stating that the Grateful Dead suck in the middle of a gathering. Spoiler alert: Deadheads don’t like that. As of now I’m in Massachusetts. I returned to my home base to take care of my cat and save up for a campervan.

What started over two years ago as a dream to travel on almost no budget for a six months has turned into so much more. When people ask me why I travel the catalyst often changes. I have discovered that there are so many different ways to live and right now I travel to seek out and live different lifestyles. Those of you who have been following my blog might have figured that out before I even did. There are so many atypical ways to experience life, and though the sacrifices can be great the rewards are massive. The dreams of my childhood could not be anymore different than the dreams of my late twenties, soon to be early thirties.

Right now I’m waiting tables for a tyrant. It’s pretty miserable.  After a couple of months of working for myself and finding gigs on craigslist I realized that though it works for me on the road if I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my independence I wouldn’t have enough to pay off my debt and save for a campervan until next year. In addition to serving I am running both an Ebay Store and a Poshmark closet which is how I plan to support myself in the U.S. while I travel. I’ve set up a widget in my content bar for my poshmark store if you want to check it out.

All in all things are beginning to come together and I’m excited for my first regional burn next month. My travel beast as I’ve come to call it is raging and I’ve been able to satiate it with some local adventures. I look forward to more weekend escapes and writing about visiting the one place I never write about. New England.


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